The label was set up in the late 1980’s to release the debut single from Kid Sinister. That debut 12” single, ‘Sugar Rae’, is now a genuine collector’s item, especially in Japan and Germany, where it has been keeping Internet traders busy. The second track, The Cradle Born, has also been reissued on the German Compilation series ‘The Sound of Leamington Spa’.

The label is run by John Douglass and Steve Hogg, the songwriter & singer respectively from Kid Sinister, and was revived in 2005 to release the debut album of their new group Augustine. A second Augustine album is in the pipeline..... still!

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formed in 2004, augustine have been favourably compared with crowded house, the lotus eaters & aztec camera [more]
steve hogg

singer/songwriter witha mesmerising voice who has been compared to neil young and harry nilsson [more]

electronica band Formed from the ashes of Wushcatte & The Startled Insects, featuring John Douglass & Steve Hogg [more]

90's band born out of Kid Sinister - but the ethos was quite different, no pop pretensions here! [more]
kid sinister

Formed in Bristol, UK, in the mid 80’s & based around the song writing of John Douglass & vocals of Steve Hogg. [more]


Acorns Up
Augustine (2005)
the critically acclaimed debut album from augustine. [more]





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